Photo Folk – with camera in hand we travel through life.   Potential subjects are everywhere – landscapes, nature, architecture, anything and everything.  Traveling the world or in the backyard, beauty abounds and we capture inspiration with our cameras!  From film to digital, over the years we are exploring our world photographing beauty where ever we find it.

From these images came Photo Folk – we take our view on the world and create custom canvas images.

Photo Folk offers a modern take on the traditional oil painting which decorated homes in previous times.   We take photographic images and create a piece which reflects the richness of oil paintings but with a lighter current feel.  All images are on canvas ready to hang.

There are several styles we employ in the creation of our pieces.

The painterly style takes the photographic image and creates the feeling of brush strokes, similar to a traditional oil painting or watercolor.  The canvas sides can be painted to imitate a frame without the cost of a frame, and with the more modern, fresh look that having no frame creates.

Some pieces have a frame included to make a more traditional piece.

The vintage style is a piece which is small in dimension, and looks aged or distressed.  There are imperfections in each piece.  The sides of the canvas are generally painted to imitate a frame, or can be dressed up with ribbon, or other items – shells, buttons, etc.

A wrap style is also available.  This style has the photographic image wrapping around the sides so that the entire canvas is part of the photographic image.

Custom pieces are welcome.  Do you have a digital file you would like to have created into a custom canvas art piece?  We look forward to working with you to create your vision.