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chad and dorothyDorothy & Chad

Photo Geeks Who Can’t Stop Taking Pictures!

Chad and I have known each other for over 40 years, and have worked together for over 30 years. We are both natives of the Hoosier State (Indiana). We love photography and see new subjects every day just waiting to be brought to life on canvas. We have been in the business of selling images of people for many years. Now, after accumulating so many images of our own, from wildlife to landscape to historical places, we decided to begin sharing our own personal take on the world with others. Our artwork is custom, from the subject and display of the subject, to the finishing touches. Unlike canvas prints typically sold online that have a flat finish, our canvas prints have a textured finish which brings the look of a painting to the final product. We also have some finishes which are aged looking as if they have seen the ravages of time, yet retain the beauty of the subject. From conception to final product, all work is custom prepared in house by hand.



Owner, Creator, Photographer

I live in Bloomington, Indiana and have lived here my entire life. I love the change of seasons here. I also love to travel and experience completely different environments. I always have my camera with me and am frequently surprised when I find something unanticipated in the images I take. I have a Fine Arts Studio degree from Indiana University.





Owner, Photographer

Chad is from Terre Haute, Indiana, but like many before him, came to Bloomington to attend Indiana University and never left. Chad started his photography business while still a student at IU. He has added several more businesses to the photography business, all of them photography related. A true photo geek and world traveller, Chad has visited many countries, always with his camera along, obtaining so many beautiful images that we continually find gems in the archives!